Mr Benoit Volier, Managing Partner and one of the founders of March HR Services

Benoit coordinates work of the entire company and is personally responsible for key clients.

Benoit Volier represents the company in relations with international partners, business and public associations.

Benoit specialises in the formation of complete senior management groups and complicated transnational top management search. He has for many years been an advisor at the Board of Directors level to a number of major French companies on issues of strategic development, organisational structure, senior management selection and motivation.

His experience is one of the best in France. His industrial expertise includes commercial and investment banking, production and consumer goods, entertainment and mass media.

Ms Tatyana Medvedeva, Head of Moscow office

Tatyana has over 10 years professional experience in searching for senior and medium-rank executives for leading international and Russian companies. Before joining March HR Services Tatyana worked for leading global executive search companies, was Head of financial services department in an international recruitment agency.